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PECO Model Railways

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PECO Model Railways

PECO are globally the most well know and probably most highly respected manufaturer of model railway track. They are famed for their 'Streamline' nickel silver flexible track available in a range of track gauges and rail profiles. PECO also produce a range of electric items designed to complement both their Streamline and Setrack ranges together with a wide range of additional model railway products.



  • PECO Electrics and Cleaning Aids

    PECO complement their extensive track ranges in all gauges with an assortment of electric accessories including turnout (point) motors, switches etc.

  • PECO Track & Turnouts

    PECO Track is available in a both Setrack where a geometric range of straights, curves, turnouts and crossings are available for use in minimum space layouts, or Streamline where a greater range of turnouts, crossings and slips can be used together with flexible track to form straights and curves. Both standard and finescale Streamline track ranges are available in both N and OO gauge.

  • PECO N Gauge Wagons

    PECO N Gauge Wagons