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Bullforg Snot

It is easily applied, and easily removed. Just a toothpick is all you'll need to install, an Xacto knife to remove. It's ready to go - no multi-part mixing. No witches brew of acetone, RTV, buffalo glue, snake oil, belt dressing, two-sided tape, shrink tubing, chicken bones, eye of newt, or dilithium crystals No disassembly, no special tools, no surgical skills It cures at room temp in moments. No baking. No nasty fumes. It's benign and friendly Can be thinned with plain 'ol water, if so desired It’s easy to see your work, and it cures to virtually invisible. It is thin – only .0055" or less when cured It's tough and durable. Has a good service life Leaves no residue on the track, and no gunk in your engine Universal - works for any loco from any manufacturer in any scale