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BullfrogSNOT (1oz)

Bullfrog Snot is a sophisticated, specially secret formulated, room temperature curing, one-part “green” liquid plastic with very unique properties. BULLFROG SNOT was concocted and brewed by a veteran N-scaler specifically to be the ideal solution for improving traction on model railroads,

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According to the manufacturer Bullfrog Snot is:

  • It is easily applied, and easily removed. Just a toothpick is all you'll need to install, an Xacto knife to remove.
  • It's ready to go - no multi-part mixing. No witches brew of acetone, RTV, buffalo glue, snake oil, belt dressing, two-sided tape, shrink tubing, chicken bones, eye of newt, or dilithium crystals
  • No disassembly, no special tools, no surgical skills
  • It cures at room temp in moments. No baking. No nasty fumes. It's benign and friendly
  • Can be thinned with plain 'ol water, if so desired
  • It’s easy to see your work, and it cures to virtually invisible.
  • It is thin – only .0055" or less when cured
  • It's tough and durable. Has a good service life
  • Leaves no residue on the track, and no gunk in your engine
  • Universal - works for any loco from any manufacturer in any scale