PC40 LMS 4 Wheel Motor Car Van (Diag. 2026) (Parkside) View full size

PC40 LMS 4 Wheel Motor Car Van (Diag. 2026) (Parkside)

The LMS constructed 150 of these vans in 1938, with a further 75 by BR in the 1950s. They were a development of the diag. 1929 vans (our PC33 kit) and many lasted into the late 1970s with a few surviving in the Service.

Complete with Alan Gibson or Romford Metal Wheels & Bearings.

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Caution: Scale plastic product for adult enthusiasts only. Adhesives, paint and craft knife usually required. Always use adhesives in a well ventilated area and use the appropriate safety apparatus. Always use knives with care. Follow any health and safety guidance notes with care.